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We are leading specialists in the cleaning of Oriental rugs & carpets.

Our dedicated oriental rug workshop can clean all types of oriental rugs and carpets , silk  rugs , kilims , tapestries, antique and contemporary , machine made, hand tufted and shag pile rugs.

Rugs will go through a beating process prior to the washing to eradicate any dirt and dust that might be in the foundation of the piece. Water, brushes and mild shampoo are then used to wash the rug, brightening up the colours and resetting the pile. ( By fully immersing the rug in water we are able to completely remove and flush through all contaminants and soil ).

Oriental rug cleaning requires extreme precision and skill and should only be done by true professionals. It requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the materials involved, the place of original production and the issues of concern.

A professional rug cleaning every five years is recommended to eliminate the dusts that become encrusted and accelerate wear. In addition, it will revive the colors tarnished over time by dirt.



For hygienic cleaning, it is preferable to wash the carpet with plenty of water and mild shampoo to dissolve all the dirt trapped in the structure. With dry cleaning, cleaning is superficial and dirt remains in the structure of the carpet.

It is thanks to the care that an old carpet preserves its beauty and it’s value .

Save well your oriental rugs & carpets , their value will increase by time and by inflation . ( of course depending on the quality ).

We deal with all the leading insurance companies , If your rugs have been damaged in a flood it is important to contact us as soon as possible.

Washing with lot of water and mild shampoo.

The cleaning of the fringes

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