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Oriental carpets are a hereditary passion for our family, passed down through three generations. I acquired my know-how and experience from my parents and grandparents. I am personally at your disposal to advise you during your purchase and cleaning & restoration of your old or contemporary carpets.

Realization of custom design Rugs & Carpets .

Not all rooms are created equal, some spaces need for something different that is a more customized approach. So apart from offering our fine readymade collection, we are specialized in production of customized rugs. We can create any design in your colors and dimensions to suit your particular requirements.

We make custom rugs for both residence as well as commercial spaces. There are endless possibilities. Customize the rug in your favourite design, the colors of your choice and the size to fit perfectly in your space.

The manufacture of oriental carpets

The knotting of oriental carpets is an ancestral art, each carpet is a unique piece, made with care by craftsmen. We select for you the best carpets from Pakistan, Iran, India, Nepal, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan,…

The manufacture requires several trades: designers, wool spinners, dyers, weavers.

The wool is spun by hand, which gives it the natural appearance of a carpet. Then the wool is dyed with natural pigments. These are extracted from plants, vegetables and fruits. The dyeing is prepared in large pots heated over a wood fire. The vegetable dye is never uniform. After being dyed, the wool is dried in the sun for about three days.

The first step in the creation of the carpet is its design. A first sketch is made on graph paper, then it is copied on a paper to the actual size of the carpet. The colours to be used are then chosen.

Once the drawing is finished, the paper will be hung in front of the weaver’s loom. The knotters then follow the instructions. The carpet is traditionally knotted by hand using hooks.   A carpet of 2 meters by 3 meters, requires the work of 4 people during 4 months to 2 years (sometimes more!) depending on the fineness of the knots.

After weaving, the wool must be cut to give it a uniform appearance. It is then washed.  The washing process of the carpet is entirely manual, after each washing, the drying is done in the sun.

Then comes the finishing: inspection of the carpet to remove any irregularities. The selvedge and the fringe stops are then added, all by hand.

I invite you to come and see our carpet collections in our gallery. I put my experience at your disposal to advise you during your purchase.

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